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Items in these pages displaying this symbol are
April 2, 2018
Volvo Trademark Holdings has ordered the removal of all products
for sale in this site with a Volvo trademark image.

I'm getting a lot of emails from Volvo enthusiasts asking why I am no longer offering stickers with a Volvo logo. It was actually more than I could keep up with.   
Hopefully this notice will answer your questions.

I have been a Volvo enthusiast for over 30 years. For more than 12 years I served as the president of the Southern California chapter of VCOA. I organized a lot of Volvo-related meets and shows, with many of them involving or coordinating with Volvo Public Relations Management from Volvo's offices in Irvine, California.  Throughout this time the Volvo Prancing Moose was a very public image and Volvo was very aware of it's scope and popularity among so many Volvo owners. Since the stickers I made fostered positive relations between Volvo and Volvo car owners, there was never a hint of an objection.

I retired and left California in 2013 and doing these labels and other things like them has served as a nice retirement hobby.  I'm not getting rich doing it, but it has been something I'm really good at and I have really enjoyed being able to support the Volvo brand (especially older Volvos) for enthusiasts all over the world.

After more than 13 years of Volvo offering silent indifference, Volvo Trademark Holdings in Sweden has now hired attorneys in the USA to order it to stop. Volvo states the use of their logo on all stickers or labels in these pages (i.e.; prancing moose, vintage 240 engine/body labels, replacement steering wheel overlays, grill overlays, etc.) is a threat to their brand.  Prior to this, Volvo has never attempted to contact me with any objections or concerns.  I would certainly have welcomed such a discussion had they done so and I still welcome it.

So am I a threat to the Volvo brand?
  I agree that Volvo may protect and prohibit the use of their trademark on any unauthorized product. All such products have been summarily removed from my sites.

The logo on the front of your Volvo is pretty important, because it suggests to everyone who sees it that:
1. Volvo builds quality cars . . .
2. or Volvo cannot offer a nice looking emblem that lasts very long. 
This may not mean a lot to other car owners, but there are a lot of Volvo owners who have a passion for their cars that I know is very different from most other car brands.

Here's an article published by Hemmings a week after I removed the Volvo products:
(Read the comments below the article too)

One of the comments to this article summed up this situation and a hopeful outcome better that I ever could have, so I'll post it here:

by Bob Austin, April 10, 2018

I had the good fortune to work for Volvo for more than 30 years, both on the car side and on the Corporate side. While I am no longer employed by Volvo, I can tell you somethings about the company and about trademark work. The Volvo trademark is not owned by the Chinese Company. The trademark is held by the Volvo Trademark Holdings Company….as the trademark is used both by Volvo Cars and by the trucks, buses, construction equipment, and marine and industrial engines of the companies inside of AB Volvo (who used to own the car company).

They formed the trademark holding company because all of the companies using the Volvo name want to see it protected. Trademark Holdings has law firms that do scour the world looking for infringements and violations. When they find one, they send a cease and desist letter. That is their job. And to be honest, we all benefit from that because when you buy a part in a Volvo branded box….it should be a Volvo part that meets the company’s quality standards, etc.

David, I have always love your prancing moose badge. I think all of my friends at Volvo Cars NA here in the states always felt it was produced out of love and a with a sense of humor that Volvo lovers all share. The Trademark Holdings people probably did not analyze the badge, they just found it and sent a letter…the way they always do.

While this is not an official recommendation, I would suggest your respond politely to their cease and desist letter and tell them the facts: you have been producing this design for decades, Volvo Cars staff in the US have seen it on literally thousands of occasions and no none has ever taken issue with it, and it is meant to build esteem for the Volvo brand as opposed to harming it. I would then ask them for an exception to grant you a license to continue producing items with this design, as you have been for all these years.

I cannot guarantee the outcome, but it would seem to be a reasonable request as it not hurting the Volvo brand name in any way, nor is it costing any of the corporations any income. If anything it is showing that the company has a good sense of humor and realizes that it has a huge following around the world!

They are not trying to be mean and vindictive, they are just doing their job. And it has nothing to do with either Sweden or China. It is just good business to have people protecting your trademark.

If you have been a customer of mine for any length of time, you may have appreciated the options I've offered to help keep your Volvos looking nice. Volvo has had a quality control problem with their exterior and interior body emblems for a long time. These are issues that anyone still loyal to Volvo has either learned to accept or find a way to fix them on their own. One embarrassing problem began with their overall grill change in 2009 to the large 3D iron logo where the blue emblem would delaminate and fall off after as soon as one or two years.

After receiving many emails from Volvo owners requesting a solution, I developed an inexpensive replacement grill emblem overlay. Customers reported they loved them and many said they looked better than original. Volvo did eventually recognize the problem and answered with a replacement grill sticker of their own, which began at about $35. Then I began receiving emails from Volvo owners who reported those new factory replacement stickers were falling apart in a year or so, same as the originals. Those stickers then began showing up everywhere for about $3 and Volvo dealers have reportedly been giving them away in order to reduce customer complaints. 

Then the same thing happened with the Volvo emblem on steering wheels on 2008 to 2016 models. After again receiving numerous requests, I developed a replacement overlay label for those too.  Customers who reportedly complained to Volvo about the defect have told me their Volvo dealers' only recommendations to fix this issue has been to replace the steering wheel or airbag assembly at the customer's expense.  It should not surprise you to find out that many Volvo dealers eventually developed a very strong interest in items like this to fix customer cars and to restore emblems on used Volvo car inventory.

Here's a really good post to read on this subject. The author discusses the repeated failed front grill emblems on his Volvo.  I'm disappointed that Volvo isn't doing more to address something like this.  But it certainly explains why my products have become so popular.

Are these problems enough to drive a Volvo owner to another car brand?  It may be a culmination of issues, but for some, YES, I certainly think so.  That's certainly not something I want to see happen. 

I have a continuing hope that someone at Volvo will eventually return my messages or call me.

Dave's Volvo Page has attemped repeatedly to contact Dean Shaw, VP of Corporate Communications (the closest thing to Public Relations), in hopes of fostering some discussion about this situation, however all requests for communication have been ignored so far.  Dean Shaw is listed in the Volvo Cars USA web pages as the one to contact with trademark questions. 

Update April 2018
I made a request through the U.S. law office (who Volvo hired to issue the cease and desist) to be contacted by Volvo regarding discussions, licensing, etc..  On April 18, I received a response via the attorney that Volvo was not interested in licensing any items.

  Clearly from the numerous emails I have received, many will miss the products or options that I can no longer offer to Volvo enthusiats. If this concerns you then you may want to mention it to a Volvo retailer or to Volvo corporate if you can actually make contact with anyone there who might listen.

Volvo Car USA
1 Volvo Drive
Rockleigh NJ 07647 USA
Main: (800) 458-1552
Customer Service: (800) 550-5658
Ph: +1 201-768-7300


  I know this situation has impacted a lot of people? Google Analytics tells me Dave's Volvo Page consistently averages 40,000 page views per month. Since this began, page views have jumped 140%.  I appreciate the attention Volvo enthusiasts have paid to this situation and the level of importance they consider it to be.  Your support is certainly heartfelt and very appreciated.
Thank You!
- Dave Barton -

Understanding how the Prancing Moose came into being.
Prancing Moose History 101:  When the XC90 debuted in 2003, Volvo was busy organizing a number of test drive events, where quite a few Volvo fans (including me) came out to see and test-drive the new SUVs on fast cone slalom courses.  Volvo was showing off their new and advanced Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC), a first of its kind for an SUV.  Most courses allowed us to drive the cars by ourselves as many times as we wanted. Lots of good fun. One of the courses was a special slalom, where a professional driver would take a carload of folks in the new SUV, accelerate quickly to about 60 mph, and while keeping his foot firmly planted on the gas... to the floor, he would then crank the wheel as fast as he could one direction, then the other through a tight set of cones.  This maneuver simulated the sudden high-speed avoidance of an obstacle in the road, such as a moose (of course). Volvo was calling this course the "Moose Avoidance Test."  The DSTC was truly an amazing feature in this test.  Many other tall vehicles would have certainly become unstable and possibly lost control, spun out or even rolled over during such an extreme maneuver, but Volvo's DSTC took over the throttle and brakes and kept the big SUV in perfect form without a hint of trouble. Even with the driver's foot to the floor, we could feel how the DSTC aggressively controlled the throttle and all four brakes, each brake independently, to keep the vehicle straight and stable.  The result was the vehicle exiting the course, still at 60 mph plus, with perfect composure. This stuck in my mind as a remarkable event and something no other SUV at the time would dare try without a full roll cage and everyone in helmets.  

Volvo Prancing Moose Stickers. Dave'a Volvo Page.Volvo Prancing Moose Stickers. Dave'a Volvo Page.Then in January 2005, when Volvo began showing one of their special concept XC90s at car expos, I spotted one of them at the Los Angeles Car Expo sporting a blue and yellow moose sticker on its fender (see photo at right >>>). It was a cartoon-like standing moose profile.  It got a lot of smiles from the crowd.  I instantly thought of designing the Prancing Moose. It would be a parody of the Ferrari prancing horse and it would find its way onto my Volvo wagon for the next show.

<<<  I designed the first set of Volvo Prancing Moose stickers in January 2005, which immediately went on the fenders of my 245 (<<< see photos at left) for the 2005 SoCalEuro Meet in Anaheim, California. The response to those stickers from attendees was a big surprise. Photos were turning up in web pages and magazines.  I began receiving many requests for that sticker, so I began making a few. I never expected it would become popular, but it did, nor did I expect anyone would ask me to make some, but they did. 

Now I have more styles than I can count.  So if you own a Volvo and have a sense of humor, I think these stickers are a requirement.  If you seldom smile while driving, adding one to your car will fix that.  And as you can see, they are also available for our SAAB cousins and many other makes of cars now HERE.  Prancing Moose stickers are turning up on many cars, trucks, motorcycles, helmets, and even buses!

VINYL STIVolvo Prancing Moose Stickers. Dave'a Volvo Page.Volvo Prancing Moose Stickers. Dave'a Volvo Page.CKERS (Gloss UV Laminated)
When I first designed the first Volvo Prancing Moose back in 2005, it was intended to be a parody of the Ferrari horse emblem shown on the right.   It was a tongue 'n' cheek way of having some fun with a Volvo... at Ferrari's expense of course. These sticker became popular and the selection has now grown to many different designs.  It's out of control!

Volvo Prancing Moose Stickers. Dave'a Volvo Page.  Volvo Prancing Moose Stickers. Dave'a Volvo Page.Volvo Prancing Moose Stickers. Dave'a Volvo Page.I offer these stickers and more.  All stickers are printed on durable adhesive backed VINYL and have a professional grade clear UV poly laminate over the front.  They are waterproof and will resist the sun for years.  They are available in numerous styles and sizes.

These stickers may be placed on a bumper, window, or on your paint.  
I also offer a MAGNETIC BACKING option for those who wish to stick them to a steel panel without adhesive and most may be ordered as a reverse inside window sticker as an option.

Prancing Moose Stickers and Labels CLICK HERE

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